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Crystal Dynamics Announces DLC

In some slightly confusing news, Crystal Dynamics is announcing DLC… Downloadable Laura Croft. I at first thought this was Downloadable Content, and then I thought it was just a downloadable alternate costume. Turns out, it’s a bit of a combination of the two, I have come to the conclusion that this is the announcement of loads of DLC that will roll out for The Guardian of Light’s Xbox 360 version up until the end of the year, mainly from October-December.

”From October to December the Downloadable Lara Croft campaign continues with 5 packs available across all formats. The first three are expansion packs featuring a combination of all new puzzle, exploration and combat experiences in the game and new areas to explore. The further two packs are playable character packs, offering gamers the chance to experience the entire adventure without Lara Croft and Totec and instead with some other well-known videogame characters...”

While I’m not the biggest Laura Croft fan to ever step foot on Earth, it’s still very nice to see Crystal Dynamics putting some really hard work into The Guardian of Light and if they plan on supporting it that far down the road, that may give us a hint at the quality of the final game. There’s no pricing set but if it’s only going to be updates, one would have to think they would all have to be free, correct?

We will find out sometime. Until then, look for Laura Croft and the Guardian of Light on August 18th at 15 bucks. 



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