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CW’s New Green Arrow Revealed

Much has been said about CW's upcoming series Arrow, based on the DC Comics' character Green Arrow. But now, WB gives us something to actually look at with this preview of Stephen Amell in the Green Arrow costume as designed by the three time Oscar winning Colleen Atwood.

CW's Green Arrow

Arrow will be a reimagining of the story of Oliver Queen, an irresponsible young billionatire who spends years stranded on a desert island and returns to his old life with a changed man with vigilante justice on his mind. However in a departure from his comic counterpart, this Oliver will not be the sole remaining member of his family as he must also contend with a mother who has remarried in the years since his disappearance and his father's death as well as a younger sister who may be as bad, or worse, than he ever was. His life will be further complicated by his best friend Tommy Merlyn, whose relationship with Oliver will likely be reminiscent of Clark Kent and Lex Luthor's friendship-turned-rivalry from Smallville.

I do have to say this preview of the Green Arrow costume gives me optimism for a series that didn't previously have my interest.

Oh, okay. Casting Katie Cassidy as Dinah Lance guaranteed that I would watch this show regularly in the hope of seeing her in fishnets. But I do think the Green Arrow costume is a well done design.

Here's hoping Arrow turns out to be a good series. It would be nice to be able to enjoy something with Green Arrow in it again. It has been awhile.


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