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Cyber Force Returns!

To celebrate the popular series Cyber Force's twentieth anniversary, the series will be returning in October 2012. Even better than the team's return?

The first five issues of the series will be free both digitally and in print.

Of course, money has to be made, so a Kickstarter was created on July 17th. People who give the Cyber Force project money will be given rewards including exclusive variant covers, a signed print, a hardcover edition of the collected first five issues, a smartphone case, original art, one-on-one sessions with Matt Hawkins and Marc Silvestri and there will be several rewards exclusively for comic book retailers like exclusive signings from Marc Silvestri. The money from backers on Kickstarter will be going towards paying the art team and offsetting print costs – being the reason this series is free (granted a round-about reason, but still a reason with perks!). The goal of the Kickstarter is to raise $75,000.

Marc Silvestri
Marc Silvestri, the original creator of Cyber Force and the founder of Top Cow, will be the co-writer, art director and cover artist of the series. He comments on his love of his creation by saying "My obsession growing up was sci-fi and fantasy and the concept of Cyber Force has always been ripe for mining those genres... The best sci-fi has its soul anchored in social commentary and the human condition and then goes nuts with the concepts. Comic books are unique in that they can add to that the thrill of wish fulfillment... Mash those ideas together add a healthy dose of 21st century paranoia, and voila! You've got Cyber Force."

"The end is coming and Mega Corporation Cyber Data Industries knows this when it happens. And now, a young girl named Velocity knows too."

Marc Silvestri will be joined by Khoi Pham (Avengers, Daredevil, The Mighty Thor, and X-Men). The other co-writer and Top Cow President Matt Hawkins (Think Tank, The Test) will be using his science of knowledge in the series. It is being said that the core concept of Cyber Force is staying the same, but visually the series is supposedly going to look like "bio-cybernetic steampunk". We'll see, for free, in October, 2012.

Cyber Force #1 Cover PREVIEWS
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