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Cyber Monday: The First Week of May

Hello and welcome to another edition of Cyber Monday. The last couple of weeks the digital world has grown, with new apps and all around sales that keep fans wanting for more. Last week the entirety of DC comics' 52 and Infinite Crisis crossovers were put on sale with every issue going for ninety-nine cents. Boom studios, Incorruptible was put on sale, giving fans a chance get the first fifteen issues for only ninety-nine cents as well. As always, Marvel has their 99 cent Monday sale. Image comics and Dark Horse have bundles or digital trades, going for four ninety-nine to nine ninety-nine. It is clear that the digital market is big. Could this replace printed comics?  The digital market has no way to make these comics into collectibles. But its a great way to catch up on every comic you've wanted to read. This week we spotlight a couple of books that have been digitized for your consideration.

You might want to check From DC, Young Justice vol.1 written by Peter David. This was one of the many revamps of the Teen Titans. This time around they change the name so that they could inject a fresh direction into the book. Although by now its a long forgotten book from the DC library. The book was actually a much needed shot of adrenaline for what was a dead Teen Titans' market. This time around a new generation of sidekicks (Robin, Super boy, Impulse circa: 1998) band together to form one entertaining book under the direction of the Red Tornado. Now the book did not get anywhere, but the first few years there were really great adventures. Its a fun read with a youthful view on super heroes. The book served as the stepping stone for a successful relaunch of the Teen Titans and the name, is now use for the hit animated series from cartoon network. Also this a precursor to books like Young Avengers and maybe even the Runaways. The first issue is free so take this opportunity to check this book out.

young justice

For Marvel, you might see a lot of Thor stuff being shoved into the readers optic nerve. You might want to get your Thor fix with the movie in theaters and all. But 1985, is out, if you didn't get the chance to read this fantastic mini from the mind of Mark Millar then don't let this opportunity get away. 1985, is Marvel, set in a twilight zone adventure. Based in the real world were Marvel characters exist only in comic books. The series is a love letter to Marvel comics and comics in general. It is also a celebration of that year, a year of great comics and wondrous times. The series is simple but is fill with enough emotional content for readers to get a nice reaction out of it.

1985 c0mic

For Dark Horse, besides offering a great starting library for readers. You might want to get up to date with your Mike Mignola's books. Why Mike Mignola? A creator that is renown world wide for his creator owned material rather than his work from major companies... Nuff said! The Dark Horse app has Hellboy, B.R.P.D, The Amazing Screw-on Head, Abe Sapien, Baltimore and Witchfinder; they started with over 60 Mignola books. The bad thing is that they are all single issues. Sorry, no bundles here. But if you are a fan or need to catch up on your B.R.P.D then Dark Horse app has what you need.


Check out Firebreather's, first mini over at the Image app. For a great teen book. The story of a half-dragon, half-human kid finding his place in this world. The book deals with high school problems, divorced parents, fantasy and Shield like characters. Its one of Phil Hester's best. A great book for teenagers and all-ages. Great story, easy relatable characters and great art by Andy Kunh. If you like the cartoon network movie, you own it to yourself to check this book out. This title might even give Invincible a run for his money.

firebreather 2

That's it for now. Keep on the look out for more sales and classic books getting the digital treatment. If you missed it then, don't miss it know! For more on Phil Hester, check out his exclusive interview on the site now!


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