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Cyclops #3 – Review

Short Version

This book is coming out quick, but frankly… not quick enough! The thing about Cyclops that people glancing at the pages will miss is the abrupt, yet perfect ending that each issue has. Just when you’re not sure where the book is going, BANG! It’s over in a heart-beat at the highest point of anticipation.

Long Version

The third issue marks the start of the “Hero” storyline which is four issues total. The first storyline “The Recruit” was about Doug joining Multicorps, Inc. The second storyline is more about his role in the media and his new found stardom. The stage is set for another conflict that has erupted on the boarder of Chile and Argentina. The UN announces that it will step in and end the conflict that is raging between the two nations.

Cyclops 3 CoverIn the meantime Doug is leading his final mission in Turkey as the conflict has finally been resolved. Doug’s team is in charge of sweeping the city settlement one last time before aircrafts bomb the city. The goal is to destroy boarding cities between the warring nations in order to separate them from each other. The team doesn’t come across any signs of life as they prepare to depart the city. Just as their ship takes off, Doug spots a mother and daughter on a building roof top. He jumps out of the ship and rushes over to them. Anderson (his babysitter) makes the pilot lower the plane to pick them up. Of course in his typical style he does this with a knife and promise. The group narrowly makes it out of the danger zone before the city is bombed.

Back at the corporate office the head of the company begins freaking out as he watches an un-planned event unfold on live television. Doug has become a very valuable asset to the company and the last thing they want is for him to die on live TV being a hero. What haunt’s Doug is he doesn’t know if the rescue was planned or if he truly is a hero.

Back at the UN, they announce who will take care of the conflict in Chile and Argentina… Multicorps, Inc. The crowd for the most part blindly excepts this with no real thought or question. That is except for one reporter from the Los Angeles Noticias, by the name of Jeremy Fuentes. He questions why Multicorps were chosen for another conflict conveniently at the end of their first conflict. He also asks if the UN supports Multicorps decision to broadcast the conflicts since it’s a hot subject with anti-war groups. The UN official fires back witty and fast responses, but it’s clear that Fuentes has hit the right buttons as he is black listed from future press events.

Preview Page 6The first two issues of this series were good, they were really good. It’s too the point where I don’t know how the creative team can out do themselves with the next issue. Yet they continue to do so. There are different narration styles in the issue that show the inter-workings of Doug’s mind while the Corporate Heads discuss his future use for the company. The biggest shocker comes with Doug and the fact that he may not be the corporate cog that he comes off as.

One of the strongest scenes is the UN’s announcement of Multicorps getting the contract for Chile and Argentina. If this was a typical comic book the reader would just have to accept the campy nature of the announcement. Of course they got the bid the comic is about them in a way, but that’s not the case here. Fuentes instantly questions it which goes against the grain of a typical comic. Its scenes and writing like that that show just how well-crafted this series is.

I can sum up the writing and art in one paragraph… fantastic! Not only is the issue fantastic, but it’s consistent in a way that most comics will never be. The narration my change, but never does it feel foreign or go against the pacing of the book. Every piece of art and writing is weaved together so intricately that is establishes Matz and Jacamon as one of comics greatest partnerships.

This series continues to be heavily laced with social commentary and anti-war views, but it’s so refreshing for comic books to have a series like this exist. I cannot encourage comic fans enough to pick this book up and read what is turning out to be one of the best series of 2011. This series is so good that I want to track down the original French issues to have as part of my collection and that’s saying a lot.

Overall Score - 10/10




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