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Daily Deals Wednesday November 17

The internet is swamped with sales on PC games this week, and several digital distributors are holding daily deals all week long with a different game on sale every day.   Amazon, D2D and the new version of Games For Windows Live are all pestering us with their cheap games, so let’s see how we can spend some scratch before the inevitable Black Friday sales we’ll see next week.

GamesForWindows.com is re-branding themselves as a digital distributor with a fancy new website, and to promote this they’re holding a Daily Deal every day this week.  There’s no pattern to the games they’re discounting, except that they’re all awesome!  Monday it was GTA IV, Tuesday it was Borderlands, and today they’re selling Batman Arkham Asylum Game Of The Year Edition.  It’s marked down to $11.99, which is 60% off its full price.

Direct2Drive.com is doing a Rockstar week, and today’s Daily Rockstar Deal is Bully: Scholarship Edition.  This game never achieved the popularity it deserved, but you can get a look for yourself for a mere $3.75, which is 75% off it’s usual price.
Amazon.com has been holding a nonsensical “Prelude to Black Friday” sale, with deals on downloadable PC Games.  Right now they’re selling five games by EA for 33% off.  They are Battlefield Bad Company 2, Dragon Age & its expansion pack Awakenings, Need For Speed: Shift, and the best use thirteen bucks you’ll ever find- Mass Effect 2 for just $13.39.


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