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Damon Lindelof to Rework ‘World War Z’ Script

Director Marc Forster (Quantum of Solace) is having a rough few weeks. Not long after production on his adaptation of Max Brooks' bestseller World War wrapped, it was announced the project would need reshoots. Now, it would seem the situation is more dire, as Damon Lindelof (Lost, Prometheus) has been brought in to help rework the script.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Lindelof’s involvement comes just after the project announced it needed nearly two months of reshoots with its principal star, Brad Pitt. Lindelof has been making the rounds for the release of Prometheus (another project he was brought in to help salvage) and has made it known he was ready to return to TV production again—stating he was done with movies for a while. Clearly, his words were a bit premature, though it sounds like he won’t be rewriting the entire “Z” script ... just the third act.

Little is known of the official synopsis of World War Z other than it stars Pitt as a scientist attempting to solve a global zombie pandemic. The project already had a troubled start when it was moved from its Christmas 2012 release to June 2013. Even with the massive reshoots, it is still expected to meet its summer release window, but the degree of reshoots and the fact the script needs to be reworked this late in the game leave a lot to be cautious about.


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