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Dan Jurgens and Jerry Ordway return to Superman’s Death

As the Death Of Superman is one of the most famous turning points in the Man Of Steel’s life, new readers who’ve never read this epic story of Superman giving his life to protect Metropolis from Doomsday will get a chance to relive this story! DC Universe Legacies #8 will have the Death Of Superman told from a police officers perspective that has lived in Metropolis most of his life. As the DC Universe Legacies stories are about past events and how this officer tells the adventures of heroes from the Golden and Silver ages, get ready to see how it all went down in the issue 8 of DC Universe Legacies.

Not only will Superman’s death be mentioned in the story, however original creators of the story writer/artist Dan Jurgens and writer Jerry Ordway reunite to retell the story of Superman in this epic issue! Also the original editor, Mike Carlin, joins both Dan and Jerry on this amazing issue. This is what Mike had to say:

The Death of Superman“Not only was it cool to revisit such an important moment in Superman’s (and my) career… But it was enhanced by having ‘Death of Superman’ veterans Dan Jurgens & Jerry Ordway do their version of Bogdanove & Janke’s iconic image. Apparently death IS forever!! I, for one, look forward to doing this again in another 18 years!”

If you haven’t read this series recently, jump on at any point and read DC Universe Legacies! Issue 8 of the series was released today on, 12/22/10.





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