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Dance Central 3 DLC Releases Ending Soon

After the recent announcement that DLC support for Rock Band is coming to an end, another one of Harmonix’s rhythm games is also set to stop seeing new releases. Dance Central 3, which only came out last October, will stop having new DLC songs starting this month. The current library contains over 200 tracks so why stop the support so soon? Harmonix have said, "As Harmonix moves forward with several new titles currently in development, the talented developers who make this content are needed on other projects. With the Dance Central DLC team moving around, this month will be the last DLC for Dance Central 3 for the near future."

With new Dance Central DLC releases ending this month this means that Rock Band DLC will actually last longer the the newer game, with its DLC ending in April. Harmonix also added, "We'll still be hard at work supporting the community with updated Live Challenges and leaderboards, and the Music Store will still be up and running for you to grab any routines you might have missed."

So, with the support of both games coming to a halt soon this means big things are coming from Harmonix but what could they be? With a Microsoft announcement of their next console being just around the corner, my guess would be they are working very closely with Microsoft seeing as they have made the best Kinect game so far and how much this will be a factor on the next console. Expect new Dance Central and maybe even Rock Band Kinect coming to this new console later this year.


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