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Danity Kane #1 – Review

If there’s one thing Earth is good for its secret wars between alien races. As weird as it sounds that’s kind of what Danity Kane is about. The issue begins with a man watching over a concert from a female singer by the name of Illuminati which is a very ironic name. The female singer is using her powers to make the audience mindless slaves so that the aliens can then put the human race to work on building weapons for their war. He’s interrupted by his goons who discover a power source of the rebel aliens fighting against them. They investigate the power source and find two rebels summoning Danity Kane to earth to sway the outcome of the war. One of the men is gunned down instantly and that unleashes Danity Kane’s power. She nullifies the goons and then looks to go head on against the man in charge.

The issue is structured and looks like a Japanese Manga, but this book is actually home grown right here in the states. The beginning has a song running through it sung by Illuminati which really did nothing for me. Creator Dawn Richards feels that they are integrating comics and music into one, but this is old had for Manga’s as a whole. The story was actually interesting and didn’t really hang out wasting pages on character development; which was good since there are no characters to develop yet. The main villain was goofy though; he begins describing his plans and about half way through I realized it wasn’t a thought caption, but a dialog box. I have no idea why he would tell his goons all this information that they would seemingly already have, but he did.

Danity Kane 1 cover
The art was very good and I really enjoyed the look and flow of the book. Artist Kim Jimin is an amazing talent and his style is very good. The book is in all pencils and left in black and white which really keeps it from looking goofy. Jimin draws some great settings and sticks to all the classics from the Manga genre. If you’re not a main character you have no facial features and yet fully detailed bodies. Also there’s several panels of people yelling into the air which came off goofy, but Jimin saves it with his serious art style.

Overall the issue has a lot of problems, but it has a B-movie feel to it that kept me reading and interested in more. I like the fact that it’s a smaller company putting the book out and their actually putting Manga out digitally on their own. This series is definitely for Manga fans as main stream comic readers aren’t going to find anything they’re used to in comics with Danity Kane. If you’re looking to take a chance though, give it a shot. Just know that you’ll probably enjoy the art more than the story.

Overall – 7.0/10
*New Readers and Manga Fans Welcomed*



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