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Get into the Mind of a Machine with Darby Pop’s City

Darby Pop Publishing, who made headlines several months ago when they partnered up with IDW Publishing, will be releasing a new science-fiction title. This new series, City: The Mind in the Machine, will be written by Eric Garcia (Matchstick Men) and drawn by Javier Fernandez. Eric Garcia is a screenwriter and novelist who has written numerous titles including Anonymous RexCasual Rex, Hot & Sweaty Rex (that’s a lot of Rex’s…), Cassandra French’s Finishing School For Boys, The Repossession Mambo, and Matchstick Men. Matchstick Men was made into a movie directed by science-fiction legend Ridley Scott and starring Nicolas Cage and Sam Rockwell. Garcia went into more details about machine behind the mind:   City: The Mind in the Machine #1 Cover   "Practically every day in the news there's a story about a new interface between man and machine. We've gone from punch-cards to keyboards to touchscreens in a matter of decades, and direct brain-system connections are already being explored… Between that and the ubiquity of wireless networking, we're living in uncharted territory -- which is why I've been so excited to tell the story of CITY: MIND IN THE MACHINE. It's been a thrill working with Javier and Darby Pop to explore these concepts and bring this world to life." This world is inhabited by people like Ben Fischer, who has created the world’s greatest security system, Golden Shield. The system uses every camera, cell phone and computer in San Francisco in order to help stop crime. However, as with most technology, Golden Shield comes with a price: the surveillance system cannot function without a human brain operating it. The point of the series is to combine man with machine and demonstrate the role of security and technology in modern society.   City: The Mind in the Machine #2 Sketch Cover   I like the idea of this series. Robots have been overdone to death (i.e. Chapel) but this is “machines,” which can be very different from robots. In a world where every other person if too busy looking at their phone instead of where they’re going, I can see this being a very interesting and relevant topic. City: The Mind in the Machine will be released this February 12th, 2014.


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