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Dark Horse Auctions Original Art For Tsunami Relief

I sat on this story waiting to see how the bidding would go since their doing the auction via ebay, and I'm glad I did. Currently the original art from Dark Horse and artist Duncan Fegredo is sitting at $1,125 bucks! That's a lot of money for a good cause. If you're interested or at least want to see what it ends up selling for you will need to stop by Dark Horses eBay page to check it out.

In an effort to aid the American Red Cross’s tsunami and earthquake relief effort in Japan, Dark Horse Comics is auctioning an amazing signed lot of limited-edition artwork and books for fans eager to donate and support a greater cause.

Auction details: 

“Original Art 'Hellboy by Duncan Fegredo' - Dark Horse”
Auction for Red Cross Japan Efforts Dark Horse Comics


Auction opens: March 28 

Auction closes: April 1
Opening Bid: $0
Hellboy Red Cross Tsunami
Original artwork signed by Duncan Fegredo
Comics and graphic novels signed by Duncan Fegredo:
Two sets of the comics miniseries Hellboy: Darkness CallsHellboy: The Wild Hunt, and Hellboy: The Storm
Free Comic Book Day comic: “Hellboy: The Mole”

Two sets of the graphic novels Hellboy: Darkness Calls, Hellboy: The Wild Hunt, and Hellboy: The Crooked Man
Signed editions from the personal collection of Mike Mignola:

Hellboy: Seed of Destruction (Limited edition—out of print)
Signed bust of Hellboy  (Limited edition—1 of 3,000)
Signed bust of Abe Sapien (Limited edition—1 of 3,000)

Dark Horse Comics will donate 100 percent of proceeds of the event to the American Red Cross for Japanese earthquake and Pacific tsunami relief. 



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