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Dark Horse Digital Is Upon Us

Well Darkhorse is nearly ready to invade the growing digital comic market with an app of their own, but they're doing it in style! It's rather simple to do and as such I will let Darkhorse give you the details.

From Darkhorse:

We’re putting the finishing touches on our app, but we’re not ready to release it just yet…we need your help! Over the next few weeks, we want to involve as many fans as possible in preparation for the launch of the only app to bring Dark Horse Digital comics to your fingertips!In celebration of the upcoming release, we’ve decided to give away more free comics

The catch: We need you and your friends to sign up for the Dark Horse Digital newsletter. The more sign-ups we get, the more comics we’ll give away!

Want free digital comics?! The steps are simple!

DH Logo1) Go to Digital.DarkHorse.com
2) Enter your e-mail address.

3) Confirm your subscription.
4) Tell your friends.
5)You’re done!

Want to see the titles?

1st Free: Criminal Macabre #1
2nd Free: Fray #1
3rd Free: Abe Sapien: The Drowning #1
4th Free: The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite #1
5th Free: Mass Effect: Redemption #1

If that’s not awesome enough, by simply subscribing to our newsletter, one lucky person will win an iPad 2 (16G/black/black Smart Cover) and a $100 Dark Horse Digital Store credit! Stay tuned to the Dark Horse blog and Facebook for more contests and promotions leading up to the launch!



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