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Dark Horse Digital Reaches 70,000 Downloads

Wow! That's a lot of downloads for a service that's been active for maybe a month tops now. At any rate Dark Horse Digital has become one of the top Book Apps on the Apple store and because of that they're throwing in another free issue.

From Dark Horse:

Dark Horse Digital has entered its third week and is outperforming even our highest expectations! To celebrate, we’ve added yet another free issue. For the next 24 hours (May 19th), Dark Horse has made the full first issue of B.P.R.D.: Hollow Earth available at no cost.

Hollow Earth picks up just after Hellboy’s departure from the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, beginning what will become a new direction for this series. After a vision appears to Abe Sapien warning of danger for the missing Liz Sherman, he takes a very irregular group of agents on a mission that could lead them right through the center of the earth.

BPRD Hollow Earth #1 CoverWe want to thank all of our digital-comics fans and supporters for helping to make the first month of the Dark Horse Digital program such an early success. Head over toDigital.DarkHorse.com today to find this and dozens of other free titles and unlock an all-new reading experience!

Additionally, other top titles to be released this week include:

B.P.R.D.: Killing Ground #1–#5
Emily the Strange #3: The Dark Issue
Falling Skies #4

Kazuo Koike’s Samurai Executioner Vol. 1
The Goon #2
Turok: Son of Stone #2


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