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Dark Horse Outlines Retailer Incentive For The Fury

Following the first issue of the game-changing arc in the Hellboy series, Dark Horse wants to prepare retailers for the full run of a series they won’t want to miss! Bringing an epic conclusion to the story line that began in Darkness Calls back in 2008, Hellboy: The Fury will change the Hellboy universe forever!

Dark Horse will offer up an ultra-rare, exclusive variant cover of the third issue for any retailer whose order numbers for issue #3 match their order for issue #1. These are guaranteed to be one of the most sought-after covers in the history of the series!

“Dark Horse is proud of the long-standing relationships we’ve built with our partners in the comics market,” said Dark Horse’s VP of Marketing, Micha Hershman. “We’re proud to have worked with so many of those retailers to establish incentives with low thresholds for participation, that are easy to understand, that are gimmick free, and that focus on titles that matter.”

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