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Dark Horse Releases Webcomic, Project Black Sky

As many of you may know, this past Saturday was the highly anticipated, Free Comic Book Day. It was a great time to be a comic book fan, and many avid readers headed off to their local retailers and signed onto Comixology to take advantage of the incredible holiday. Dark Horse Comics, however, used the celebratory weekend as the ideal opportunity to debut something completely new.   And it isn’t just new; it’s pretty radical for a publisher as well. Dark Horse Comics used free comic book day to debut what is being referred to as the “hottest web comic of the year.” Project Black Sky is revolutionizing how publishers tend to do business, and its inspired by the very people who struggle to get published in the first place.   pbssf-1-cvr   Inspired by a conspiracy blog titled IWatchtheSky.com, Project Black Sky plans to indulge the seemingly universal interest in the great unknown—one page at a time! Fred Van Lente (Brain Boy, Conan) is setting this ambitious work to a script. Part 1 was released on Saturday, with Part 2 due out today (May 5th).   A proud contributor to free comic book day, Parts 1 and 2 are only the beginning. June, August, and September are when we can expect parts 3-5. Dark Horse is doing something that a publisher has never done before. Be a part of comic book history and check out Project Black Sky today!


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