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Dark Horse Will Publish Comic on Heavy Metal Band Slayer

When it comes to heavy metal, few bands have a fanbase as devoted as Slayer. The Grammy-winning California band has been making thrash music for 35 years. Now, a new Dark Horse limited series comic book called Slayer: Repentless will continue their legacy. Slayer has, like many bands, had a great deal of drama, strife and tragedy in their history. However, this is not a biographical comic like how The Fifth Beatle tells the story of Beatles manager Brian Epstein. In actuality, Slayer: Repentless is actually a narrative story stemming from the lyrics and music videos of the group. The members of the band will also make appearances in the comic.   slayer repentless #1 cover   Dark Horse has added some strong talent for this comic as well. Jon Schnepp, the writer/creator of the popular animated TV show Metalocalypse and director of the film documentary The Death of Superman Lives, will write Slayer: Repentless. Additionally, Guiu Vilanova (The Twilight Zone) will pencil the series. Finally, covers will be provided by Glenn Fabry and Eric Powell.   The “Repentless” music videos, written and directed by BJ McDonnell (Hatchet III), will inspire the story. Schnepp added, “Using the band’s music and lyrics from their three decades of albums, while crossing over and through the Repentless music videos by BJ McDonnell, I have woven a tale of betrayal, hate, perspective, loyalty, family, and murder that will need to be experienced through the comic books’ pages.”   slayer repentless #1   Slayer themselves are doing their part to promote the comic book. First, they appeared at this summer’s San Diego Comic Con and then played a number of tie-in performances. Coming in 2017, Slayer: Repentless will run for three issues. The first issue is available for pre-order now and will be released by Dark Horse Comics on January 25th.


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