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‘Dark Tower’ TV Series on HBO?

News has been breaking about a film based on his novel The Stand, but Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series may have finally found a home for its television adaptation. Producer Brian Grazer has hinted that while the films were having trouble finding a buyer, the planned TV series could wind up on HBO.

Again, the first word that jumps to mind when talking about the “Tower” project(s) is ambitious: the series was to include three proposed films and (at least) two seasons of TV over a period of years, with Oscar-winner Javier Bardem to play the lead role of Roland Deschain.

However, after long talks with the crew that included Grazer and director Ron Howard, Universal passed on the project due to budgetary concerns. Grazer tells MTV that the films' budget has been scaled back by $45 million, but for the moment, still has no home, though a persistent rumor around town is that Warner Bros. could be interested. It’s also important to note that there has only been a pitch made to HBO regarding the TV series — no actual deal has been made.

The series centers on Deschain, the last surviving member from a legendary, gunslinging order of knights in a world where technology (akin to the old West) and magic coexist. Finding himself the last hope for civilization, Deschain sets out to find The Dark Tower, a place where the axis of all worlds rotate, encountering various locations and characters on his route.

Given HBO’s recent success at fantasy via Game of Thrones, is it out of the question they would be interested in giving the “Tower” series a shot? Thanks to “Thrones” and True Blood, they have a little capital to spend.


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