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Darkspore Beta Accepting Applications

Did you enjoy the 2008 game Spore, but didn't feel that it was dark enough?  If you did, you'll be happy to hear about a new game called Darkspore, which is an online action RPG that is partially-based on Spore, but well… darker.  In the game, the evil mutation known as The Darkspore has been unleashed on the galaxy, and is causing no end of trouble.  It's mutating the populations of entire worlds, and is out to dominate life on all planets!  You'll battle the Darkspore and its minions by creating an arsenal of "Living weapons".  

This means that players will use something similar to the Spore Creature Creator, then pit the monsters you've made against other players in online battles, or fight in a solo campaign against AI enemies.  Gameplay will be Action-RPG and your "Living weapons" will be assembled out of collectible body parts and armor that you acquire during the course of the game. 

Developed by Maxis, and Published by Electronic Arts, Darkspore will launch exclusively for PC and Mac on March 29th. If you just can't wait until then to start fiddling around with the Creature Creator again, you can sign up for the upcoming beta at Darkspore's website


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