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Daughter of Darkness Bearer Gets Her Own Story Arc

Hope is the daughter of Darkness bearer and crime boss Jackie Estacado. Previously, Hope has been seen as a baby constantly getting kidnapped to create some suspenseful situation in the Top Cow Universe (see Artifacts or Witchblade: Demon Reborn for a few of Hope's kidnapped moments). Now, after Jackie remade the world during the "Breaking Dark" story arc in The Darkness series, Hope is going to get her very own story. I'm a little considered, however, that this Hope is different than the one we've been exposed to before. In this saga, her mother is Jackie's high school sweetheart, Jenny, who is still alive in this universe (she tragically died in the other universe) instead of Hope's "original" mother, Witchblade weilder Sara Pezzini. I don't know if I'm going to like this alternate universe... Hope is currently the most powerful vessel for the Darkness that has ever been seen before. She will begin her journey as a teenager in the decaying world her father inadvertently created in The Darkness #112. This is the first half of a two-part story which will finish with The Darkness #113 that is supposedly going to be a great jumping-on point for people like me who are trying to get into The Darkness. Hope will be traveling on a bloody trail leading her to a forest near her father's home with an assortment of monsters from fairy tales who are known as the Ancient Ones. But as Hope's powers begin to emerge she'll begin to question who's the real monster: the Ancient Ones or her? Darkness #112 Cover Hope's story will be written by David Hine (The Spirit, Spawn, The Bulletproof Coffin, Storm Dogs) and illustrated by Jeremy Haun (Batman: Streets of Gotham, Artifacts). Her story is set to expand The Darkness universe and show the story of a girl coming of age in a terrifying world where she must struggle between the forces of Light and Darkness. The Darkness #112 will be on sale April 10th, 2013 and The Darkness #113 will be on sale the following May. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of girl Hope will be since I've only seen her as a cute plot-point baby. But this post-apocalyptic sounding setting? Hopefully this story will be canon with the rest of The Darkness lore – I don't want to waste my time getting to know Hope only for her appearance to be inconsequential to the Top Cow universe at large. Hopefully Top Cow will come through on their promises! The Darkness #113 Cover


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