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David Fincher Might Direct “Cleopatra”

Angelina Jolie looks to lead Sony Pictures’ Cleopatra, the biopic focusing on the legendary Egyptian politician, but she obviously can’t get there without a director on board. Now it looks like Sony is seeking David Fincher to fill the seat.

It’s not surprising that Sony wants Fincher; he directed the sleeper hit and Oscar winner The Social Network for the studio just last year and delivers The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo in December. Deadline points out that this would be Jolie’s “first film with Fincher” should both parties sign on.

Jolie has been attached to Cleopatra for quite some time. However, getting a director has been much more of a hassle. Before agreeing to helm two sequels to Avatar, James Cameron really wanted the gig, and after that, Paul Greengrass hit the rumor mill, but then he decided to take on his script for Martin Luther King Jr. assassination film Memphis. The most recent script for the film comes from Brian Helgeland (Robin Hood, Mystic River).

Although Fincher has entered the equation, not all has been solved. He’s now expected to direct The Girl Who Played With Fire, the sequel to the "Dragon Tattoo."

For what it’s worth, I think Sony will end up going with another director. Fincher just has too much on his plate right now.

How do you feel about David Fincher possibly directing Cleopatra?


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