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Days Missing: Kestus #1 – Review

Short Version

Days Missing is about one man’s journey through time to alter the course of humanity so that it may become what it is meant to be. The Steward is a man with extraordinary gifts that allow him to travel through time in an attempt to change history. Along one of those encounters he comes across a woman much like himself.

Long Version

We open up in China in the year 531 BCE as the Steward has been captured by an army that is moving towards a Chinese settlement. The Steward is trying to prevent the destruction of the settlement, because if lost it will set mankind back hundreds of years. After getting nowhere with the leader of the army (Kestus), the Stewards makes his way to the settlement to warn them of the danger approaching. He takes a young blacksmith apprentice and teaches him how to make might spears and swords to stand up to the approaching army.

Days Missing Kestus 1He then returns to Kestus’ army in another attempt to reason with her. She is intrigued by the Steward as she has never met anyone like her. They are the flip side of the same coin though as Kestus must live amongst the people and the Steward is forever to be secluded from humanity. After failing to reason with her yet again he tricks her into stealing a ring from him that cuts her when placed on her finger. The primitive minds that once believed her a God, not are full of uncertainties just hours before their battle.

Ultimately Kestus is embarrassed and rides off before the battle, hoping to find the Steward again. As for the Steward himself, he returns to his seclusion and prepares for the next moment in time that will need his guidance.

Is there anything Phil Hester can’t write? He’s writing Wonder Woman, Darkness, Firebreather and Green Hornet along with this title. All of those books are so completely different from each other and yet they are all great books. He seriously is one of comics top writing talents. Hester does a great job of easing you into the world of “Days Missing.” To be fair I had no prior knowledge of this series until this second volume of the comic. Hester gives the readers the lay of the ground and then slowly guides them to the end of the book. Not to say that the pacing is slow, but that the way Hester develops the story and plot is delicate enough for new readers.

You’re about to be upset about the art. Alex Ross only does the cover, so don’t expect him to be doing his masterpieces on the inside. You are treated to a wonderful illustrator David Marquez who frankly is the perfect fit for the book. He’s talented at action while making dialog scenes interesting to read. Marqauez’s art is colored bright and beautifully which really makes the book stand out from other comics on the shelf.

Overall if you like Sci-Fi then you should already have picked this book up. If you’re into history and love the idea of people trying to change the unchangeable then I recommend picking the book up as well. It was a fun read that really left me waiting for the second issue. The main characters of the story are very captivating and if you’re like me will be looking forward to the next issue to see what’s in store for them.

Overall Score - 9.1/10




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