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DC Announces World’s Finest Couple

DC Comics has just announced one of its first new titles to hit shelves post-"Trinity War". In order to finally "cash in" on the amount of buzz and talk that the still very recent Superman and Wonder Woman relationship (originating first in Justice League #12) they have announced an all new ongoing that will revolve around the two, in a similar vein to Batman/Superman, simply titled Superman/Wonder Woman

The ongoing will be led by the creative team of Charles Soule, writer of Swamp Thing and someone who has had favorable fan response, and Tony Daniel, the not so acclaimed artist/writer for Action Comics and Detective Comics. Daniel has also provided the promotional image showcased above. The series will finally put their relationship up on display and allow readers to see it with a clear focus.

Superman/Wonder Woman #1 is due out sometime this October. Stay checked in for news as it comes and please don't forget to comment below.


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