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DC Character Affinity: Lobo

Lobo is a loud-mouthed bounty-hunting biker with looks akin to Kiss singer Gene Simmons.  But instead of busting out a rocking single he’s busting out the big guns.    Lobo was created by Roger Slider and Keith Giffen, first appearing with his flying motorcycle in Omega Men #3.  He continued to appear in the series and was revealed to be part of a race decimated by the Psions, known as the Velorpian’s.  This origin story was later scrapped and Lobo’s current origin story was introduced in “Lobo: The Last Czarnian.”  Similar to the previous, Lobo is the last member of his race – now the Czarnian’s.  Unlike his original origin, however, Lobo killed all the other Czarnian’s rather than an opposing race.  Why?  For fun of course! Batman about to punch LoboLobo worked as a mercenary, flying across galaxies with his hog.  Despite the large amounts of blood and violence Lobo brings with him to help with the “family friendly” image of DC comics Lobo’s swearing is replaced with now classic words including “fragging” and “bastich.”  Emotionally, he has the arrogance of Booster Gold and often refers to himself as “The Main Man.” He only has concern for space dolphins – hurt one of them and he will kill you without a second’s hesitation. He also saves a diner on a distant planet from destruction since it is his favorite place to eat, earning a somewhat “friendship” with the owner Al and his only waitress Darlene.   Physically, Lobo can butt heads with Superman, having a muscular body with strength to match. He is capable of breathing in space and can heal fatal wounds in seconds – sometimes getting limbs torn off and still surviving.  These “powers” of his vary in strength depending on the series: sometimes Lobo has enough power to take on the devil himself and other times he is just a simple strongman with a ton of weapons,  most recognizably his carving blades and titanium whip.  Lobo also has a trouble-making bulldog named Dawg that often gets into more scraps than he solves.  Despite being the creator of most massacres, Lobo has joined several teams on the side of good including L.E.G.I.O.N., Young Justice (when he was magically transformed into a teenager) and even the Justice League.  He has also paired up with numerous heroes including Superman, Guy Gardner and Etrigan the Demon.  Mostly, Lobo has crossed-over into other series and has had several successful mini-series and his own on-going series that lasted for two volumes. He also appeared in a two-part series, “Lobo: Highway to Hell” and has recently appeared in “Weird Worlds.”  In an ongoing story Lobo was seen returning from Hell in “Reign of Hell,” revealing that a clone he had previously fought had taken his place for some time while he was trapped in hell serving Neron, the Lord of Lies.  Lobo was later frozen by Zatanna. Lobo’s name means “he who devours your entrails and thoroughly enjoys it.”  He has been thrown out of both Hell and Heaven (what were they even thinking letting him in there in the first place?).  He is portrayed as a ruthless murderer, killing without a conscious for money or just for fun.  You know when you see Lobo, people are about to get fragged. Lobo's origin story page 1


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