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DC Comics Batman Previews

DC had it's own set of previews this week for its Batman releases. Bruce Wayne's highly anticipated return begins this week. Grant Morrison and Chris Sprouse begin the mini-series with Cave-Man Bruce. It seems that you can take the Bat out of time but not out of the man. Six issue series finds Bruce displaced from the Omega Effect and forced to travel to his rightful time. The only question about this series is will Bruce give up the role of Batman much like Steve Rogers has done?
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First Wave #2 also hits shelves this week. The title from Brian Azzarello and Rags Morales, ships ever six weeks in order to accommodate the First Wave Doc Savage and The Spirit series. This issue adds Gun-Totting Batman to the pulp series.
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More Batman this week as Writer/Artist Tony Daniel concludes his Riddler storyline before the landmark 700th issue. Guest artist Guillem March fills in for Daniels and draws a disturbing Riddler that's definitely been drinking the Kool-aid.
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In Batgirl, the Calculator and Oracle square off. The Calculator is attempting to eliminate everyone in Bab's life including the new Batgirl.
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Lastly I leave you with the cover for Supergirl #55, just because it's really cool!

Supergirl #55


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