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DC Comics – Batman Returns

A big part of what DC does is Batman and Superman. Both franchise are so popular that they have several ongoing titles that star each character and their supporting cast. Last year Batman RIP was the big topic surrounding the Bat franchise. This year the Return of Bruce Wayne is rolling through the block of DC books. Batman editor Mark Marts hosted this years Batman panel that basically caught people up on what is currently happening and what is going to happen with the Batman franchise.

In attendance is Grant Morrison (Batman and Robin, The Return of Bruce Wayne), David Finch (Brightest Day covers), Dustin Nguyen (Batman Beyond Covers), Gail Simone (Birds of Prey), Paul Dini (Zatanna), Scott Synder (American Vampire), Paul Cornell (Action Comics) and Judd Winick (Red Hood: Lost Days).

Included is my play by play of the panel so enjoy!

https://www.entertainmentfuse.com/images/Batman Comic Con.jpgGrant -  announces Batman Inc. coming in November and a new costume for Batman. Artist not yet announced. Basically with Bruce's return he's going to give his influence on the Batman idea and what he can do with a group of people working under him.

Judd Winick - Still working on Lost Days, going to get darker in the next issue. Premiering Under the Hood animation.

Paul Cornnel - Planning to create 100 new characters for the Knight and Squire series. Richard the third is brought back to life to try and take over the world through facebook.

Scott Synder - Just finished his first issue of Detective. Focusing on the a mysterious person from Gordon's past coming back.

Paul Dini - A long envolved sequel to Heart of Hush, House of Hush. Going back even further into Hush's past and the Wayne's past. A gangster that's been in prison longer than Bruce has been alive has a grudge against him. Hush wants to use him to bring down Wayne Industries.

Gail - Birds of Prey 1st two issues sold out went to the second printing. Will reveal who the White Canary is in the next couple of issues. Working with Alvin Lee and taking place in Hong Kong.

Bryan Q Miller - Batgirl - Steph is in her second semster, and is now like, "Okay I'm Batgirl now what." Her own rouges gallery. Love interest that loves her back and a car and a dog.

Finch - Working on batman project with Grant and a new costume for batman. Costume works for a broader spectrum.

Grant - Professor Pig does botex. Can't say any more about Batman the Return. Five pages of bats.

Nguyen - Streets of Gotham, Covers of Batgirl and Batman Beyond

Question time:

What happened about Batman 666, When will we see more Damien in the future.
No plans, but we'll see. Maybe a special

https://www.entertainmentfuse.com/images/Batman Comic Con 3.jpgAnything connecting Birds of Prey to any other bat book
Yes, also the best the bat books have been in years.
Looking forward to Knight and Squire.
Just a hint of worry, no exchange of words until now

Frank Quietly returning to Batman and Robin?
Frank hurt his back, but is working on something in the future.

What's going to happen Dick once Bruce returns
He's got a bullet to the brain, have to see it play out.

Why wasn't batman beyond included in the look at the future versions
Just an over site, others looked the same so we just updated them

Made see Cassandra Cain

Any Batgirl touching up on the daughter she gave up for adoption?
In the future but not now.

What can we expect of Catwoman
We'll see, appears in the first issue of Batman INC

Very scottish question
Very scottish answer

Directed towards Grant - How do you make people care about the character so quickly
Joker was introduced by killing a bunch a people and then falling off a cliff and he's the best villain ever. Basically try to created the character so it's there for the future generations to explain.

Directed towards Grant - Professor Pig influence
Batman has a lot of derranged villains and I wanted to created a very derranged villain. Based of a song that created an idea in his brain.

Any absolute editions of Grants Work

What happened to the Flamingo
He's out there for someone else to develop

https://www.entertainmentfuse.com/images/Batman Comic Con 2.jpgManhunter question is there any plans for her in the Bat books
No plans for an ongoing, she'll appear here and there.

Directed towards Scott - What's the tone for your Detective book? Is it a walk the beat type story?
Huge fan of the runs before. The feel is going to be street level crime now that batman is back. Lot of CSI high tech. Focus on batman as the worlds greatest detective solving a string of weird mysteries that all connect. No vamps in gotham

Will the Riddler be changed back into a villain if he's chosen to be the villain in the movies.
No plans really

Batman Beyond ongoing?
Depends on the sales.

Grant - Who are you supposed to be
Guy Dressed as Scarecrow - Scarecrow
Grant - I don't see
Guy Dressed as Scarecrow - I was wondering what's up with scarecrow right now
Grant - So are we!
Guy Dressed as Scarecrow - I want more Scarecrow, do something make him part of the Justice League I don't care.

Lots of laughs

Gail what is Bain and Deadshots response to Bruce's return
Have to read Birds of Prey (I think see meant Secret Six since that's the book both characters appear in)

More organzied crime back in gotham
Should always be mob guys in gotham, but slightly freaker

That wraps up the panel except for one part where Grant Morrison explained how time is basic Geometry and there's really no way to sum that up.


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