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DC Comics Drops the Comic Code

As of April, DC Comics will not support the “Comic Authority” seal anymore? What does that mean DC Comics will be having a different comic rating system for their comics. No longer will readers see an “Approved by the Comic Authority” badge anymore, but a video game rating – Wait what?

Co-publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio state that ALL DC Comics will have a different rating system on the cover instead of the Comic Authority badge. This will have the similar “game ratings” that you see on the front and back of video games. E for everyone, T for Teen, T for Teen Plus, and finally M for Mature. DC will be publishing these ratings on their covers on April of this year.


Appropriate for readers of all ages. May contain cartoon violence and/or some comic mischief.


Appropriate for readers age 12 and older. May contain mild violence, language and/or suggestive themes.


Appropriate for readers age 16 and older. May contain moderate violence, mild profanity, graphic imagery and/or suggestive themes.


Appropriate for readers age 18 and older. May contain intense violence, extensive profanity, nudity, sexual themes and other content suitable only for older readers.


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