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DC Comics’ Stealth Cancellations

In another rather odd turn of events, which have admittedly slowed down as of late, DC Comics pulls a move that unsurprisingly has created a minor uproar in the readership. After 10 solicits DC Comics have retroactively cancelled JLA spinoffs Vibe and Katana, which have lagged in sales since their initial release, but who have gained a modest cult around themselves. Outside of normal, everyday, fan disappointment of a series reaching cancellation these two had the very odd circumstances of never actually being announced. As usual with final issues there is usually some announcement of it on the solicit – but readers and news outlets only became informed once it became apparent that they would not be getting solicits this month – or any month after.

It transpired, after a day of waiting, that the series would now end with their larger length 10th issues. It is not known why DC Comics would do this in such a roundabout way, or with such incredibly late warning – but rumors that are circulating say that it may have something to do with the upcoming wave of new titles that will premiere after the conclusion of Forever Evil. Sterling Gates, the writer of JLA’s Vibe, will be writing Forever Evil: ARGUS during this time which features parts of the former’s supporting cast, though there is no word on what will become of any of Katana's hanging plot threads. We will update as soon as any new info comes in.


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