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DC Comics Synergy and The CW

Given my previous feature about the things I felt were the worst about The Flash, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I’m not a big fan of the CW DC Comics shows. Not all of them, to be exact, but mainly the ones that fall under the showrunning and handling of Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim. I find them to be rather mediocre, if not rather disappointing, showrunners and their shows have failed to hook me. Yet, they are the best exposure these characters can get.  

Deathstroke #14 – Review: Hawkman actually has a reason to be here.

  What this means is that there are some characters, while shuffled about and maybe even ignored in the comics, that are going to get real face time with a large audience. This is an interesting situation for two of my favorite characters - Hawkman and Atom Smasher. These are two characters that really haven’t gotten their due in the time before, and after, the reboot. Hawkman has been under the pens of Rob Liefeld and Tony Daniels without much care, and Atom Smasher has been pushed to the curb.   Yet, this is what the shows afford the best opportunity for - with Atom Smasher being featured in The Flash and Hawkman joining the ranks of Legends of Tomorrow - they could make quite a splash. I mean, Atom Smasher being played by former WWE Superstar Adam Copeland/"Edge" is something that is sure to draw some sort of crowd in any case. The Flash is a show that has been compared to an American “Toku” show, and someone with Copeland’s pedigree fits that to a tee.  


  Hawkman is being portrayed by Falk Hentschel, of Agents of SHIELD fame, and really, the star of the show is going to be Hawkgirl so that’s nothing to write home about. While the actor is what pushes Atom Smasher, the show is what is going to push Hawkman. In the end, if everything does hit the mark that it is supposed to, then what that could entail is enough push to create a movement toward synergy.   Synergy is a beautiful thing when done right as it allows for maximum usage of exposure potential. When done wrong, like with many of Marvel Studio’s implementations, it just drives away fans of the thing as it was to begin with. What should, rather, what needs to happen with Atom Smasher and Hawkman, is that they get more play in the DCU as a whole. Atom Smasher being a representative of the JSA branding, and Hawkman/Hawkgirl really being one of DC’s most undersold properties.  

DC Legends of Tomorrow

  Don’t meddle and try to force them into being what the CW has molded them into being - but rather just use the added audience as a springboard into garnering interest in actual page time. Guggenheim and Berlanti can do what they want with these characters - and history has shown that they probably will - all that matters is that this is step to something greater. Two character groups that most definitely need something new to revitalize them. Comments and thoughts would be appreciated below.


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