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DC Comics’ “The Mighty” Headed for the Big Screen

Get ready for an onslaught of comic adaptations that you’ve (likely) never heard of. Deadline reports that Paramount is courting the rights to The Mighty, a 2009 DC Comics publication written by Keith Champagne and Peter Tomasi, with art by Peter Snejbjerg.

The synopsis making the rounds states “The Mighty tells the story of Alpha-One, the world's most powerful super-being, who has always been a force for good, but Gabriel Cole, a cop who's life was saved by Alpha One as a child, has uncovered his hero's dark plan that will put them on a collision course of an ordinary man versus a super-man.”

What makes this an unusual deal is that most DC properties adapted to film have gone through Warner Bros, such as the “Batman,” “Superman” and “Green Lantern” films. However, it looks like film rights were secured by Champagne and Tomasi, rather than DC Comics themselves, meaning they have the potential to shop the film to anyone they want. This is all in the very early stages, but with the right cast and crew, The Mighty could be one to watch for.


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