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DC Draws The Line

DC's drawing the line and keeping S#!T at 2.99! Couldn't help it rhymed. You'll remember some months back at New York Comic Con both Marvel and DC said they were going to keep comics at 2.99. Of course both had their own ways of doing this. Marvel was going to do it on new on-going titles and DC was gong to do it on all on-going titles, but cut the amount of pages you were given. Well now DC wants you to get excited for the fact that stories are shorter and thus less expensive! The promo art makes me wonder what the process the artist went through.

"We need you to draw ever hero that anyone looked at in 2010 running towards... a line."

And the artist turned and said with excitement, "A line drawn by Green Lantern's power ring!"

Then the both "High Fived".

If you want to read Dan Didio's and Jim Lee's love letter to the fan base check out DC's the Source for the details.
Drawing the LineWhat the hell happened to Wonder Woman's jacket? I mean really it was an awesome part of the costume and you damn fan boys just had to go and cry about it! Well thanks for nothing jerks!


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