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DC Lego Variant Covers for November

DC Comics announced that they will have Lego variants for the month of November. You can still get the regular covers that you are use to, but comic book retailers will also have the Lego variants for the same cover price.   This idea might have come from the popularity of the Lego video games and The Lego Movie, but DC states they are doing it to promote Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. It will be a great promotion for the game. DC comics does a lot of variant covers for the same cover price. In the past they have had 3D covers, bombshell covers, and selfie covers. Is this a new trend for DC?   wonder-woman-36-lego-GIlogo   I personally like that DC is trying to do something different every month with these variant covers. It is especially great to see them for the same cover price as the regular cover. What do you think of the Lego variant covers? Do you think it is a fun promotion for Lego Batman 3? Tell us in the comments below.   Twenty two comics will have Lego variant covers. Here is the list:   Action Comics #36 Aquaman #36 Batgirl #36 Batman #36 Batman & Robin #36 Batman/Superman #16 Catwoman #36 Detective Comics #36 Grayson #4 Green Lantern #36 Green Lantern Corps #36 Harley Quinn #12 Justice League #36 Justice League Dark #36 Justice League United #6 Sinestro #7 Supergirl #36 Superman #36 Superman/Wonder Woman #13 Teen Titans #4 The Flash #36 Wonder Woman #36  


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