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DC Nation Goes on Sudden Hiatus until January 2013

DC Nation fans were greeted this morning -- or in my own case, this afternoon thanks to the magic of DVR -- with episodes of Dragons: Riders of Berk instead of Green Lantern: the Animated Series and Young Justice: Invasion. No advanced notice was given for this scheduling change, though this does explain why no promotional images were released for the new episodes a couple days early as usual. For Young Justice: Invasion, the new episode “Before the Dawn” had been scheduled to air with “Cornered,” “True Colors,” and “the Fix” set to take us into November. Green Lantern: the Animated Series similarly had new episodes set to air through the rest of October.

However, Cartoon Network tweeted this several hours after DC Nation was pulled from programming Saturday morning:

Hey #DCNation fans! Have you heard?? DC Nation will return in January with all new episodes!

No, DC Nation fans had not heard about the return, because they didn’t even realize their shows had gone anywhere.

For those without a calendar, that’s basically a three month hiatus they’re talking about. Both shows just returned to recently and have since only aired new two episodes.

Really, CN? This show just came back from hiatus.
This sudden and unexplained break in episodes does nothing to help the already strained relationship between Cartoon Network and fans of Young Justice. The first season of the series was plagued by hiatuses, stretching it out from November of 2010 to April of 2012. Now, this will be the second hiatus for the second season, having already taken a nearly four month hiatus over the summer.

This news presumably even takes one of Young Justice’s creators by surprise. It was just a few days ago that Greg Weisman posted on his website hyping what was supposed to be the upcoming episode.

“Keep in mind, this tenth episode of Season Two was plotted before we knew if we'd get the second half of the season. Once we got that pick-up, we assumed this would be our hiatus episode.”

That would be pretty hilarious if this all wasn’t so frustrating.


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