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DC Reboot – More Covers Leak

If you haven't been able to keep up with all the speculation and cover leaks then fear not for we've gathered all of them and put them in one nice neat package for you. You'll notice a theme for all of these covers and it's Batman! Not just Batman though, we have Nightwing, Catwoman and possibly Detective Comics! It looks like we're not getting rid of Tony Daniel's on Batman just yet, but he is supposedly moving over to Detective Comics. Frankly the Batman news is pretty average with the exception of artist Greg Capullo! Then there's a very carefree Catwoman. Also we've included Swamp Thing... because where the hell else were we to put him? A few of these leaked from DC's site the Source, but with no story to accompany it leaving me to believe that one is coming and maybe someone on the internet is spoiling the announcement. Regardless we're posting the picture until we're told to take them down so enjoy!

Nightwing #1 Reboot
Detective Comics #1 DC Reboot
Batman #1 DC Reboot
Catwoman #1 DC Reboot
Swamp Thing #1 DC Reboot


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