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DC Universe Online Coming In Novermber

Comic book and video game fans have been looking forward to DC Universe Online for quite a while, and they’ll be happy to know that the closest thing to a release date has been giving to this MMO and it is November 2010 for the PC and PS3.  For those wondering what exactly this game is, I’ll give you a little break down.  You create your own superhero, or villain, and take them on missions that involve your favorite DC comic book characters.

For a lot of people that is either a selling point or a turning off point, because even though you may love the idea of fighting with Superman it sounds like Champions Online, but integrated with everyone from DC comics.  Which in a way is true, but after looking into it some more you can see they are trying to separate themselves from common MMOs and are making an experience that will stand out from games... like WOW.  Well in one obvious way is the universe, they don't have to recreate the entire fiction.  Everything is there they just need to create the areas, which can be attacked randomly by your favorite villains at anytime and it will be up to you to destroy their plans and keep the city safe once again.

Who Let Him Out Of Arkham?

The guys over at IGN had a chance to play it and saved Robin from Harley Quinn. They mentioned that the combat has been slightly improved while still not feeling 100 percent just yet.  They have plenty of time to get all of the fine touches to the game and make it stand the test of time.  This is something that many MMOs have trouble doing, especially with the power house World of Warcraft out there.  Hopefully we will get some more clear information about the changes they plan to have involving the game's setting and combat, so that you feel like the ultimate superhero or villain.


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