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DC Universe Online is Getting new DLC

DC Universe Online has already gone free to play but that doesn't mean it is being abandoned.  The third installment of DLC is coming to both PlayStation 3 and PC.  Although no price has been announced, "Legendary" members will have free access to the expansion pack while free and premium players will be able to purchase the additional content through the in-game marketplace on PS3 and PC players will be able to purchase off of DCUniverserOnline.com. 

The new DLC pack features all new raids, powers and story content.  The Battle for Earth takes place in key DC locales like Wonder Woman's home island and in Gotham City.  Battle for Earth also features new powers.  Earth powers are the ninth power set for DCUO and the new powers are proficient in tanking and damage per second allowing players to defer damage and also provide buffs to their allies with the ability to deal extra damage. 


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