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DC Universe Presents #0 – Review

In a move that exemplifies what Zero Month is about, DC Universe Presents takes a rather exciting direction with its #0. What DC Universe Presents has done with is something that is actually pretty inventive. Instead of using the entire book to show the pre-New 52 exploits of a single character or element it takes the same amount of space to tell 5 different stories. Not just any stories either, but additions to the cancelled comics of the New 52’s First Wave. There's even one for the first DC Universe Presents story – Deadman.
This is a much appreciated move on their part as it not only gives former readers a chance to revisit what might have been enjoyable series that they feel were cut too short but also give those same titles one last hurrah before heading back into comic book limbo. And for the most part the concept is pulled off rather well. The majority of stories provide short and sweet little insights, but still containing quite the punch within the small amount of pages allotted. The only segment that is below average and thereby pulls down the collection as a whole is the Hawk & Dove story written by Rob Liefeld but thankfully not penciled by him. However the series in question was itself similarly dull so this comes as no great shock. The other stories are all light and enjoyable reads nonetheless.

Fans will most assuredly be grateful for this new, but brief, look at these long past titles. They’re fun considered fun additions even if some could not be a new beginning. Given that they were even given the chance to continue their stories in this way shows that they may be gone, but not forgotten and might still get a chance to be included in the DC Universe on a larger level. Something of the sort has already been slightly achieved with the likes of both the Mister Terrific and O.M.A.C. series, both of whom had my top picks out of the stories presented.                                                                      

If I had to detract from DC Universe Presents #0 it would be that it is not exactly well self-contained. It is definitely something that would more appreciated by those who were already fans of the titles included. There’s not much entryway with most of the stories other than the fact that they take place chronologically before their original series begins. No real hook for those who picked this up to try to get into these characters. Another problem is the open-endedness of it all. All of the stories end on a cliffhanger promising future adventures or conclusions, which could lead to new readers being unsatisfied with the what was given in the small amount because they had no stake in the stories in the first place.

Overall, even though it doesn’t quite have leg enough to stand on it’s own, this issue is a must read for fans of the titles included who want to see their favorite characters go at it one more time. As for new readers who still go on to read this - if any particular characters catch you eye then by all means go out and look for more! Give your support and maybe we'll see more of these characters again one day. 



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