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DC’s First Wave is Over!

The Spirit. Doc Savage, the Blackhawks and Rima the Jungle Girl. First Wave is a series of books that combine Golden Age characters with Will Eisner’s The Spirit world with a 1940s styles Batman thrown in is getting the axe due to low sales and the fact that the rights were getting to be too costly.

First Wave was spearheaded by writer Brian Azzarello a few years ago as a way to expand the DC Universe with some classic adventure characters. The line kicked off with a Batman/Doc Savage team-up and has continued with a First Wave miniseries by Azzarello and Rags Morales which wraps up next week. JG Jones was recently announced to be taking over the DOC SAVAGE book, and he sounded pretty enthused. Looks like these guys will have some free time on their hands.

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