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DC’s Flashpoint Emporer Aquaman & Reverse Flash Cover Art/Details

The cover art for the book look fantastic.It looks like Aquaman is a lot tougher than what comic book fans give him credit.  I think that Aquaman has finally snapped and this is his retaliation to the entire world for all those jokes about him for always being a "lame" hero.   Ohh yeah there is some Reverse Flash art too if you like him as well.  Enjoy!
The team at DC creating the all-encompassing elseworlds event have said a bit about what is going to happen with their take on the company's biggest heroes. Now, they provide a few pictures to entice readers further.

One of the most drastic character changes to hit with this series is with the King of Atlantis. With this version, Aquaman is a force to be reckoned with. The first issue of Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman has the underwater superhero flooding entire continents to rule them. The following images show an upcoming cover and first page for the series.

The following information was provided to inform fans of what exactly is going on in this grizzly introduction to one of the premier comics of the Flashpoint world with the image afterward.






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