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Dead Block Coming to XBLA Before PSN

Suck it, Playstation fanboys, yet another game is hitting Xbox before PSN.  Dead Block is a campy zombie killin' game by Digital Reality and Candygun Games, and it will come out for XBLA on July 6th, a full two weeks before it reaches that other console.

The game will let players control three different characters in a zombie defense game where they'll have to keep out a horde of the undead, while luring them into traps.  It's a bit similar to original Zombie Nazi mode from the older Call of Duty games, but with a lot more humor and less guns.  

It's set in the fifties, and looks to be after a B-movie Night of The Living Dead feeling.  Players can switch between the three characters if playing solo, but it also supports drop-in/drop-out co-op gaming, with your on-line pals jumping into your game at will, and AI taking over for characters that no one is playing.

Dead Block, will cost 800 Microsoft Points when it lands on Xbox LIVE Arcade next Wednesday, and $9.99 on PlayStation Network when it arrives on that service on July 20, 2011. More information can be found on the Dead Block website at www.deadblock.com, and you can see of video of it in action below.


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