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Dead Block Review

Dead Block is set in the U.S. during the 1950s and takes place when a gallon of gas cost a few pennies, when movies were in the “golden age” and when rock ’n roll swept the nation and causes the decease in the walking dead apocalypse. The campaign tells a story through a TV series, which portrays the fight for survival of the three protagonists in several episodes. Every time you start a new mission you get a short fifteen second intro that summarizes what you need to do in that mission. It’s very original and I really like the approach to this since the story isn't the main focus. That’s a good thing because the combat is horrible.

There are three survivors you play as during the zombie onslaught – Mike, Jack and Foxy. The main goal is to collect musical equipment such as a guitar, amp and speakers to defeat the zombie invasion. After you collect the equipment you are treated to a "Guitar Hero" button-mashing game, where you have to play music that sends the zombies back to their grave. Along the way you will have different objectives but it’s still the same game; find certain objects to blow away the zombies on the map.

You start off in a shelter house where you are fortifying windows and setting entertaining traps like the Cardboard box head machine that makes zombies attack each other or the Freeze Ray which causes them to break into pieces. However, in order to gain materials needed to build these traps, you need to destroy furniture and other objects throughout the environment. Once you collect enough resources, you can plop a blockade or a trap down in any windowsill or door frame. A few at a time is fairly manageable, but the more zombies that pour in, the more hectic things tend to get.

You will be slashing your way through waves of zombies while setting countless of traps for zombies to fall into. Dead Block offers only 10 single-player levels as well as the option to play with a group of your friends in the 4-player mode. Over time each of the levels often feel repetitive to the point you want to throw your controller at the screen.

The split-screen multiplayer mode has eight additional co-op levels where players can fight side by side. The co-op was the funniest part of the game for me with its eight level co-op offering. Although it's co-op, there aren’t any new maps, so it’s just a re-skin of the single-player mode. I like co-op more because it’s more hectic, with players forced to communicate while zombies are quickly spawning trying to take you out

Dead Block is just another entry into the zombie genre. There just isn’t a lot of replay ability. Once you get through the 18 missions (10 single-player, 8 co-op) in the game, there isn’t enough to go back for besides getting all of the achievements, making my visit in the Dead Block world very short.


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