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Dead Island Box Art Revealed

Well, we don't have new information about the actual contents of this box, but this is what the box that your copy of Dead Island will come in looks like.  The publisher Deep Silver has been slow in letting out real information about their zombie apocalypse resort game, so we'll have to be satisfied with this latest little morsel.

None of the playable characters can be see on the box, just some generic zombies with a couple of undead bikini girls and a swanky hotel rising in the background.

Granted, the image gets across the basic concept of the game- Zombies and palm trees.  Oh how incongruous they are!  Still the package design doesn’t seem to trying to draw in anyone who isn’t already sold on that premise, and they obviously aren’t trying to purport that they’re elevating the zombie game to a new level of artistic expression.  Zombies.  Palm trees.

Honestly, you should already know whether or not you’re going to buy this by now, and no amount of fancy graphic design is going to influence you there.  However if you’re somehow still on the fence, here's some footage of what the game itself is like as seen in this teaser video from a couple of weeks ago.



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