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Dead Island Developers Release Teaser Video

We have no idea how good the game will be, but this promo video for Dead Island is definitely worth watching, and speaks well for the people making the game.  There's no actual gameplay footage, it is just a little teaser about the premise of the game; zombie survival horror on an a resort island filled with wholesome vacationing families.

The game is a first-person survival horror game published by Deep Silver, the nice people who brought us STALKER Clear Sky.  It is being developed by Techland, the Polish company behind Call of Juarez, and Nail'd, and will run on Techland's Chrome 5 engine.  Gameplay will involve certain PRG elements including character classes which can be leveled up.  While there will be shooting, but the emphasis is on hand-to-hand combat, and these melee weapons can be upgraded with found objects, perhaps a bit like in Dead Rising, but details are sketchy.  There will also be co-op multiplayer with up to four players being able to jump in and drop out at will.

Dead Island is coming out later this year on PC, XBox, and Playstation 3.  Exact release date isn't known, neither is price.  You can see the awesome teaser vide below or on the game's official Facebook page


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