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Dead Island In-Game Footage

The internet was ablaze with talk about Dead Island for months, even though all we had to go on was an animated short film that didn't actually have any footage of the actual game.  After a few months of salivating over the awesome teaser video, we can finally see what the game looks like in action, thanks to this video that the developer released today. 

Well, sort of...

The video is short, with most of the scenes involving still photos, and simulated film gain or lens flare, so we really only have a few short clips of anything interesting, and none of it appears to be actual gameplay of a developed product.  The filtering also prevents us from getting a good look at most of the graphics and character models.

But that's not so bad because they've also put out some screenshots the do show what the HUD will be like, along with some of the weapons players can use in the game, like what appears to be an auto-shotgun in the picture above, and the humble baseball bat in the image below.

The game is set for an August 1st 2011 release for XBox, PS3 and PC, so it’s still a good way off and we can expect plenty more video to come out before it hits shelves.  Until then enjoy this one below:


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