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Dead Rising 2 Hits 2 Million Copies Sold

It seems that Capcom’s zombie killin’, chainsaw usin’… zombie killin’ game Dead Rising 2 has surpassed two million copies within its first month of release. I’m a bit surprised by this, in all honesty. I’m assuming the “pre-lc” that was released (Case Zero) did wonders for the sales numbers but not even I expected that many sold, that quickly; especially when Dead Rising 1 sold only around one million copies.

“Capcom is pleased to confirm that since its release at the end of September Dead Rising 2 has achieved  global shipment numbers of over two million units,  bringing the total number of  units of the Dead  Rising franchise shipped worldwide to date to over four  million. The achievement of Dead Rising 2 is a result of the successful collaboration between Capcom and Vancouver based developer Blue Castle Games.”

This probably means Dead Rising 3 is happening. While I wasn’t the biggest fan of Dead Rising 2 (Josh Margolis was!), I’m pleased that we may get another one as it means Blue Castle Games (Now known as Capcom Vancouver) can iron out the rough edges that lay within Dead Rising 2.


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