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Dead Space 2 Announced

When it comes to the horror in video games there are very few that nail that intense feeling of fear, especially with today’s average gamer who isn’t as scared as easily. Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and F.E.A.R. are all games that have dedicated themselves to this genre and each one has failed and succeeded in their own ways.  It’s hard for a game to really compete with any of these great series of games, but one game came out of basically nowhere and made its mark in the horror genre. I am talking about Dead Space, a game that didn’t catch a lot of attention till its release and gave people a scare that they haven’t felt for a long time. While it may not have done anything new for the genre like Resident Evil 4 did, it still did a great job of setting up a world that you want to know more about and scaring the crap out of you.

For those who didn’t play the game, and are fans of horror games, I highly suggest going out and playing this game to see what you’ve been missing.  Right now I’ll just give you a quick rundown of what the first game was all about.  You played as Isaac Clarke a miner who was sent to help out a ship called the Ishimura, not long after arriving you see that things are very, very wrong.  You get separated from your team and have to try and survive while also figuring out what’s going on.  Without spoiling anything, all I’ll mention is that things aren’t as they appear and you’ll end the game with some answers and some questions.

It’s no surprise that the announcement of a new Dead Space caught our attention, and they have recently released a trailer after months of talk. The trailer doesn’t show much in terms of gameplay or anything we didn’t know already, but it does show a shot of what we assume is the new setting for Dead Space 2, the space station Sprawl.  We also get a shot of Isaac Clarke confirming that you play as him in the second game, even though we already knew that from previous reports. We also know that apparently things have been done to Isaac between the first and second game since we hear someone saying “Isaac, we’re all going to burn for what we did to you” near the end of the trailer.  This could either refer to the first game, or perhaps they did something to him in the sequel.  Right now we can only guess but we will find out in time.

We already know that they plan to make this game different from the first one in terms of how much of a part Isaac will play in it.  He will now be voiced and is said to be much more aggressive this time around and is taking the fight to the Necromorphs (the games main enemies).  Also the environment will be more open instead of such close quarters for most of the game.  There are still a lot of questions about Dead Space 2 and how it will fair compared to the first game, but only time will tell if this game will be able to survive like its heavy competitors.


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