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Dead Space 2 Is Top Seller In UK After Launch

Apparently more people than you might think have a desire to strategically dismember gruesome monsters. Dead Space 2 came in at number one on all format charts in the UK for its release week. This a reported 70% increase in sales over the original. This is obviously great news for EA but the credit here goes to Visceral, the guys behind making the game. the first Dead Space was a surprise hit at the time, due to the lack of any real attention the survival horror genre had at the time. Now it’s clear that Dead Space has made its mark with the sequel, outselling heavy hitters like Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Granted there’s a lot of reasons why Dead Space 2 is doing so well in comparison to the original. The franchise is much more known now with titles spanning all formats. However that doesn’t take away from the game Visceral have produced here, and it’s great to see that all their effort over the past two years has been rewarded. With sales as positive as these and the games critical success, it won’t hurt to hold your breath for the announcement of Dead Space 3.



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