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Dead Space 2 Patch Unlocks Free DLC

Remember back when Dead Space 2 launched, there were three downloadable weapon packs that you could buy, right on launch day?  Well it should come as a surprise to nobody that the "DLC" was actually already on your game disk, and if you bought them, you were essentially paying to get an an unlock code for something you already owned.  Some intrepid hackers discovered proof of this and, surprisingly, Electronic Arts is being very cool about it!

EA has released an official patch for the PC version of the game that gives players all three of these weapon and armor packs for free.  Not only are these free in terms of real-world money, they are also free in-game as well.  Just download the new exe file from the link below and the next time you visit an in-game store you'll find all of the extra suits and weapons from the Hazard Pack, the Supernova Pack and the Martial Law Pack.   Each pack includes several special sets of armor with enhanced abilities along with more powerful version of weapons.  

You'll also be getting a brand new toy to play with; an enhanced version of the Rivet Gun.  The Rivet Gun was only available as a pre-order item from Gamestop, and now everyone can try this thing out.  Finally, PC players can now unlock the Elite Engineering Suit after beating the game once.  This additional firepower should help you deal with the harder game modes if you haven't beaten them yet.

You can download the patch on EA's forums.  It doesn't have an installer, so you'll have to download this then move it to your Dead Space 2 folder and replace the existing deadspace2.exe file.  Of course this patch is just for PC gamers.  Suck it console fanboys!


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