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Dead Space 2 “Severed” Trailer

The day that Dead Space 2 launched, players were told to expect a DLC pack of single-player missions in the near future.  Well the future is March first, when Dead Space 2: Severed becomes available for the surprisingly reasonable price of seven dollars.  You won't be continuing the story of Isaac Clarke, Dead Space's main protagonist, but rather, you'll play as Gabe Weller who was one of the characters from Dead Space Extraction (Which was only available on Wii and PS3).

The first video of the new missions is now available below and you can see that Gabe seems to play much like Isaac, but has some differences in the design of his armor.  The footage does not appear to introduce any new features; Gabe shoots runs and stomps his way through the minute and a half video much like Isaac does.  What appears to be a new enemy type is briefly shown, and the press release says that the "Twitcher" which appeared in the first Dead Space game will return as well (Or perhaps this new enemy is just a redesign of the Twitcher).

Sadly, the only platforms announced at the time of this writing are XBox and PS3.  Previous press for the DLC did not mention PC, so it appears that us PC gamers are in for a long wait, and possibly a fruitless one as well.  But even if you don't have a console, you can check out the video below and gaze longingly at the slaughter.


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