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Dead Space 3 Co-Op Trailer Released

Ea and Visceral Games have released a new trailer for Dead Space 3 today, showing off co-op. Dead Space 3 finds series protagonist Isaac Clarke on a mission to find Ellie Langford, quasi-love interest/survivor from Dead Space 2, and to stop the Markers at all costs.

This time, however, he has some help in the form of John Carver, a survivor of a Necromorph incident on another planet. Though the game can be played entirely in single player, drop in/drop out co-op has been added, with the second player taking control of Carver. He proves to be just as mentally scarred as Isaac, seeing plenty of things that aren't there. That level of paranoia adds another wrinkle in an already tense game, though the addition of a buddy to help you in your quest may take some of the horror out of the franchise. Only time will tell as Dead Space 3 marches toward release on February 5, 2012 on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC.



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